VIETNAM KOVECA


Perhaps if we go back a long time in history, Korea and Vietnam were the same people. This is what I have felt while understanding Vietnam over the past 10 years. We can sympathize with many things.

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That empathy became the driving force for us to cooperate with each other. We took the initiative to reach out to each other for cooperation, transcending borders and language barriers.

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The feelings of empathy between Korea and Vietnam have led to actions of cooperation, and as time has accumulated, they have become more loyal to each other. We made memories over 10 years of history.

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Vietnam KOVECA


Vietnam KOVECA was established 

and opened an office in Hanoi, the

capital of Vietnam.


Korea and Vietnam have a lot in common. This led to cooperation, 

which over time developed into deep trust 

in each other.

We will strive to be KOVECA that does 

its best for the development of both 

countries over the next 10 years.



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Addr. Seoul, Korea