Korea has 5,000 years of history. Numerous historical experiences 

have come together to create various cultures. It is being reborn as a Korean culture

 in terms of clothing, food, shelter, as well as technology, customs, and art.

Now, the world has become very interested in K-Culture.



K-Beauty doesn't just mean makeup.

The focus is on aesthetics, including health, hydration, and glowing skin.

I prefer makeup that makes me look as pretty 

as if I wasn't wearing makeup.

Skin care should be a priority, and hair design 

and facial expression care are also important.

The K-BEAUTY industry has become one of the most popular industries 

to learn about, especially in Asia.



K-POP has now become a global industry representing Korean culture. 

It is a system that systematically implements the unique energy 

that has been contained in the Korean body for a long time.

Many young people from all over the world come to Korea to listen to

 and watch K-POP, and follow K-POP singers on social media. 

A fandom of hundreds of millions reacts to their every little action.




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